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Bee Removal And Relocating

Bee removal Perth

Don't Exterminate, Relocate!

Save Your Bees Today.

We are your Perth bee removal experts and we always guarantee an affordable, prompt and safe service. Here at Wild Honey our team specialise in the relocation of bee swarms and bee hives safely to keep our planet in the best shape possible. We also sell the best organic and medicinal honey you can find on the market in the world and offer all customers a fantastic training service for those looking to begin a career with bees.

Don’t be afraid to process the love of hundred of thousands of bees that is made by the POWER organization (Honey) into your system (Core)!

What we Offer

Here at Wild Honey we provide a wide range of services catering to all of your bee needs. Below you will find our primary services.


Hive & Swarm Removal

Bees can be in very difficult places which makes them impossible to remove without a trained specialist.

honey production

Malika Honey

We sell organic Malika honey, medicinal honey, bees wax and pollen.

Bee removal Perth

Farming & Keeping

Honey Factory Set Ups & Farm Design, Starter Kits, Training, Suits & Keeping Tools.

Bee removal Perth


API Therapy, API Courses, API Research & Equipment.

Bee removal Perth

Articles & Film

We sell both Wild Australian honey of wild hives and medicinal honey - not man prepared.

Bee removal Perth

Bees & Wasp Solutions

Any homeowner or businesses can suffer from wasp or bee infestation. We have the solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We are experts when it comes to bees. We have spent a lifetime studying and working with these beautiful insects. We are primarily well know for bee removal in Perth. We always safely relocate hive and swarms where they can pollinate freely. 

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The bee man – Today Tonight Interview

The bee man film

Bee swarm and hive removal done professionally and safely