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Medicinal Grade

Australian Malika Honey

Our wild hives are naturally grown over a long period over time, allowing them to flourish and (Vintage) turning its honey into a medicinal grade, concentrated thick wild organic Honey.

Health Benefits

Our honey comes with many health benefits, some of which include: Refreshing and restoring of your immune system and digestive system, rebuilds joints, restores bones and much more.

Virus Protection

Research has shown that medicinal grade honey is very high in immunization against viruses such as the common cold or flu, but also more contagious and dangerous viruses.

Natural Extraction

Unlike farmed honey were honey is extracted seasonally, our naturally grown, wild hives get the chance to vintage their honey by dropping it's water level and turning into a concentrated thick wild organic Honey.

Sourced In Western Australia

Supporting Local Farmers

We pride ourselves on quality, service and long term customer acquisition. Because we’re only a small family owned honey farm, every new customer is something to be celebrated. That is why our quality & service assurance guarantee is put in place to always make sure that our customers are put first and we’re only ever offering the highest grade Malika Honey available in Australia.

Malika Wild Australian Honey


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